Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up, you will receive 6 complimentary boxes (2 of each size), along with a roll of packing tape and a marker to label your belongings. If you need more boxes or tape, they are available upon request. You do not need to store all 6 complimentary boxes.

No, you can use any boxes you like. The boxes that you use can also be different dimensions than our small, medium, and standard boxes. The price of the box will be adjusted according to their size. Please label anything you store with your name and confirmation number.

Absolutely! If you will not be returning at the end of a term, we will just renew the charge for another full term. We will send out an email near the end of the term to confirm a delivery or to confirm that your items will be kept in storage.
That is perfectly acceptable. We will deliver whatever items you want delivered, even if it just a portion of your full storage. The cost will be adjusted accordingly. You will not be charged a new storage fee for items that we deliver, only for the items that will remain in storage.
Due to the fact that sign-ups fill up quickly, we take a deposit to reserve your storage spot in our facility. This deposit is not an additional charge. It is credited towards your final storage cost.

As your storage term comes to an end, we will send you an email to set up a delivery date if one has not already been set up. You can e-mail us at any time to establish a delivery date and address that you would like your belongings delivered to. Your belongings do not have to be delivered back to the same place they were picked up from. We can deliver to any on-campus dorm or off-campus house or apartment near your university.

Immediately after we take inventory of all of your belongings, we will be able to tell you the cost of your total storage. During the sign-up process, you will be required to put a credit card on file. Within two weeks after we pick up your belongings, we will directly charge the credit card that we have on file. You can also calculate the price of your storage order before we arrive by visiting our Itemized Price List page and adding up the cost of each of your boxes/items.

Our entire company consists of only Music City Student Storage employees; we do not hire other moving companies to pick up your belongings. Peer relations are very important to us, so we believe in hiring local employees who are very familiar with our customers.

Every one of our storage facilities is located within 10 miles of each school that we serve. The safety and security of your belongings is our top priority! Each facility has multiple security measures in place, as well as 24-hour video surveillance.

While our facilities are not air conditioned, they are insulated and protected from the climate. During the peak heat in the summer, our facility reaches a temperature only about 5° warmer than an air-conditioned self-storage unit.

Absolutely! If you find that you need to clear out some space in your room, you can give us some things to store, and you can hold on to the rest of your items until you’re ready for us to store them, too. It is no extra charge to have us pick up things on separate days, just send a message via our “Contact Us” page to schedule a second pick-up date whenever you’re ready! Just be sure to tell us that it’s an “add on” when we pick your things up.

Unlike self-storage facilities, we do not provide individual storage units. Students’ belongings are stored in the same facility, each with their own spot. For more information on pricing, please visit our Pricing page: Pricing – Music City Student Storage