Belmont In-Room Pickup Schedule

***Please Carefully Read Below***

*Disregard this page if you have selected a curbside pickup.

*This page only applies to students at Belmont.

*This page only applies to Summer storage. If you are using our service for Fall or Spring semester storage, please disregard this page.


Your Belongings Will Be Picked Up After You Move Out: 

For all in-room pickups, Belmont has allowed us to pick up your belongings AFTER all students have moved out of the dorms. This will allow you to leave campus immediately after packing and labeling your belongings without waiting for us to arrive. All in-room pickups will take place on May 4th through May 7th, 2024.

What Do You Need To Do?

1. Sign up as usual with your move-out date and requested move-out time window. Include your full dorm name and room number when you sign up. If you live in an apartment style room, please include the individual room letter (ex: Tall Hall #803B)
2. After packing and labeling your belongings on your scheduled move-out date, send an email to [email protected] with a picture of your belongings and a brief inventory list of the items you want us to pick up.
***EACH ITEM must be labeled with your last name and confirmation number***
3. Once you’ve sent us a picture and list of your items, lock your belongings in your room. Belmont Residence Life will escort our movers to your room to pick up your belongings.
4. If we have any questions or if anything is unclear to our team, we will call you when picking up your items to make sure we have picked up everything that you would like to store.

What Happens Next?

After we pick up your belongings, you will either be sent an invoice or your card on file will be charged the total amount (minus your deposit). This will take place within two weeks after your move-out date.
If you would like to change to a curbside pickup, your belongings will be picked up on the day and time window you originally scheduled.

Have Questions?

Please send us an email BEFORE calling. We will respond to each question as soon as possible.
Send all emails to [email protected] or call 615-669-5694