Supply Drop-off Days – Complimentary boxes, tape, and labels:

  • *There are no more scheduled supply drop-off days at Vanderbilt for Summer 2024. 
    • Stop 1 (10:00am – 12:00pm) – Parked in Hank Ingram Circle
      • Meet us here if you live in the following dorms: Hank Ingram, Murray, Crawford, Stambaugh, Sutherland, Memorial, Gillette, East, West, North, Village at Vanderbilt
    • Stop 2 (12:30pm – 2:00pm) – Parked in front of Branscomb Quad
      • Meet us here if you live in the following dorms: Lupton, Vaughn, Scales, Stapleton, Cole, Tolman, McGill, Zeppos, Rothschild
    • Stop 3 (2:15pm – 3:00pm) – Parked on 24th Ave between Lewis House and the VA Hospital
      • Meet us here if you live in the following dorms: Morgan, Lewis, Chaffin, Mayfield, McTyeire
    • Stop 4 (3:10pm – 3:30pm) – Parked in the parking lot off 21st Ave next to Warren College.
      • Meet us here if you live in the following dorms: Warren, Moore, EBI 
    • Stop 5
      • If you live in Blakemore House or off campus, please meet us at any of the stops listed above.


  • We are no longer accepting signup requests for Summer 2024 storage at Vanderbilt.


  • We do not have any restricted delivery dates. Your belongings will be delivered on the date and time window you select.
  • To schedule your delivery, please visit our Contact page and click the box next to Schedule a Delivery.
  • All of your belongings must be delivered to the same address. We will not deliver to multiple addresses.
  • If all of your belongings are delivered in one trip, there will be no additional charge. However, there will be a $75 additional charge for requests to have a portion your belongings delivered on separate days.
  • All delivery requests require a 10-day notice.